bike poncho
custom poncho


Protect your bicycle 24/7:  before a race, at home, while at work, on campus, in transport, on the beach, or from theft!

Waterproof, UV & Wind Protected, Oil Resistant, Washable & Aerodynamic.
Patented two-tone Bike Poncho™ protects bikes on a campus as well as it does expensive bicycles on their way to triathlons.  It’s easy to put on and offers protection in harsh conditions, in transit, or when bikes are stowed in between use.  Plus, this one-of-a-kind aerodynamic bicycle accessory folds into a compact pouch that fits under the seat, or in a gym or book bag.

Got a lot of bicycles to protect? Large orders qualify for wholesale pricing.
Bike clubs, cycling teams, share operations, resorts, and bike tour operators can save big on volume orders.  Bike ponchos ensure bikes are always dry and ready for excitement, and they keep your inventory clean and protected in between use. 

Bicycling helps save the planet.  Bike Poncho helps save your ride.

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